Holding on to the Past

I've finished one coding project, and I'm starting a new one, a kind of "blast from the past". In 1995, I worked for/with Prof. Antonsen to devise courseware for his "Comparative Germanic" course. I put together a Hypercard stack (I had used Hypercard for an earlier project for his phonology/morphology course).

Hypercard is long gone. Doesn't run in Mac OS X. I went through some Very Old Files and found one copy of the courseware, and booted up a 68000 emulator, and I'm now able to run the software, 18 years later. I can only find one copy of a runtime version, can't find the source code. Makes me wish I had been a little more careful. Oh well, I was working like a maniac back then, no time to save code for posterity. :-)

Of course, today the natural place for courseware is on the web. I'm working on taking the basic information from the runtime version I have and making a simple web application out of it. A good question might be "why?"

Well, one reason is that I'm looking for a meaningful coding project. I'm trying to improve my PHP/MYSQL skills, and I wanted a project to work on.

I never loved historical linguistics, or pro to-languages, to be honest. But it seems worthwhile to preserve this little exercise in a somewhat esoteric field. Keeping knowledge alive is part of the academic mission, I suppose. :-)