Language Learning Lab Photos 1982

Scanned slides from the University of Illinois Language Learning Lab. One of the slides had "82" printed on it, possibly the year. Includes shots of PLATO with a Hebrew exercise, and shots of French and Spanish exercises on Apple II. My first exposure to the Language Lab was as a grad student in 1989.

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Design Differences, Teaching Trials, Lessons Learned in a MOOC Medium

Presentation at the Faculty Summer Institute 2013, May 15 2013, iHotel Urbana.

Slides and outline.

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Coursera Data Panel Slides

Slides from my presentation for the panel on data & learning analytics at the Coursera Partners conference 2013, UPenn.

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SLOAN 2012 Poster Session Slides

Slides for my poster session at the 2012 SLOAN International Conference on Online Learning, Oct 10-12 2012.

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Coursera & Land Grant Mission

Slides I put together, but did not give a presentation, connecting Coursera to the University of Illinois land grant mission. Whether it actually plays out this way or not remains to be seen. Saved here for posterity, this is how thinking was going in Sept 2012. :-)

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Educational Technology and Active Learning

Workshop for St. John's College in Springfield IL, Aug 6 2012.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

Presentation about learning outcomes assessment for MCB (School of Molecular & Cell Biology) Instructional retreat on May 24, 2012.

Serving a Growing Moodle Client Base

Fall 2011 IT Pro Forum Presentation with Pamela Williams, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I talked about future directions -- possibly using voice & video chat, screensharing to reduce the "friction" of people getting assistance with the Moodle LMS.

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LAS Reflective Teaching Seminar Presentation

Presentation on Testing and Assessment for the LAS Reflective Teaching Seminar. Michel Bellini asked me to give this presentation for the LAS Teaching Academy.

Resources and Links:

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Online Teaching: TA Roles & Resources

Presentation for the 2011 Illinois Grad Academy, Aug 17 2011.


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