Portfolio-based Student Assessment (FSI)

Slides from the presentation on portfolio-based student assessment pilot for the Global Studies program. Nicole Lamers, Tim Wedig, Barbara Hancin-Bhatt, Jim Witte @ FSI 2009.

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FSI 2009 Visual Explanations Learning Team Materials

FSI 2009 Materials for Learning Team
Brian McNurlen & Jim Witte

Visual explanations:

Attached PPT presentations below.

Summary of Online Discussion Tips

A summary of tips for doing online discussion, along with a think*pair*share activity. Presented with Marc Thompson and Junghyun An on May 19 at the 2009 Faculty Summer Institute.

Unintended Consequences of Innovation

Materials from my March 18 presentation on the OLPC initiative for the Intensive English Institute.

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Segue presentation

PPT presentation on getting started with Segue.

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Use Compass/Moodle to Manage Group Projects

Feb 17 2009 presentation on using course management systems to manage group projects in large enrollment courses.

IEI Workshop

Links for the Dec 18 2008 Workshop on Technology in Language Teaching are available online at:


Visual Explanations Website

iTeach Visual Explanations website: http://visualexplanations.jimwitte.com

HTML version of article for iTeach newsletter, 2008.

Build a graphic organizer activity

Here's a short activity that has learners copy and paste internet-based images into a PowerPoint 2003 slide, and has them construct a graphic organizer showing the life cycle of a butterfly.

Attachments below include the activity in PDF format and the exemplar PPT slides (in PPT format).

ATLAS Segue Service

Presentation of April 24 2008 with Geoff Brewster, ATLAS


Segue is a web publishing service provided by Applied Technologies for Learning in the Arts & Sciences (ATLAS). Instructors, staff, students with a UIUC "Active Directory" username and password can use Segue to publish a blog, a podcast, publish a student project, or publish a research site.

You are preapproved -- just log in to http://segue.atlas.uiuc.edu to get started.

More info about the Segue service is online at:


Research data site
Course-related web sites
Student team research project
Writing with Video section site


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