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CU 1-to-1 website

I hosted the cu1to1.org website (using Drupal) from Oct 2007 to Oct 2017.

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Segue presentation

PPT presentation on getting started with Segue.

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Silva Content Management System -- Webmasters Brownbag

Here are the slides for my Mar 12 2008 presentation about "Silva", an open-source content management system powered by the Zope web application server. Silva is well-suited to the management of large organizations with many content providers. Silva can be downloaded from http://www.infae.com

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Webmasters Brownbag: Selecting a Content Management System -- Antics and Anecdotes

Presentation slides for a presentation I did for the Jan 16 2008 UIUC Webmasters brownbag about selecting content management systems. I told the story of selecting the Silva (www.infrae.com) open source CMS for the ATLAS website (www.atlas.uiuc.edu).

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